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Life spills out. We start the day filling our cups: our morning coffee, our kids’ milk, a bottle of water. Enough to keep us going. We might end the day with a glass of wine and know our cup is full with memories, thanksgivings, regrets, or wishes for a do-over. The rhythm of emptying and filling, being poured out and feeling so full you can barely hold it all in, happens in the living of each day. Spilled out, Filled up. Let’s talk about what fills your cup.

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Erin Robinson Hall

Teacher, a Baptist minister, a writer, a Mom, a wife, and a doctoral student

Erin Robinson Hall is and forever will be the boss of her (adult) younger sister and brother. She has been a classroom teacher in rural NC, urban Dallas, and suburban Atlanta. Erin is a daydreamer disguised as a detailed organizer. She is the mom to a busy preschooler and wife to the greatest guy, who happens to be a pastor. When she wears her pastor’s wife “hat,” it looks a little different than most: Erin is also a preacher.

She does not sit in the same pew from one Sunday to the next, but has been known to bring all manner of folks into the pew beside her. She is a strong believer that a little dancing in the kitchen can make the world a better place, so Beyonce and Michael Jackson, among others, are regulars in her home.

You can find Erin at her blog, erinrobinsonhall.com. She has also written for NextSunday ResourcesBaptist Women in Ministry, and Faith Element. She most recently appeared in Atlanta’s 2015 Listen to Your Mother Show.

  • Sense of Humor 65%
  • Story-Telling 75%
  • Insightful 80%

Nikki Carroll Hardeman

Director of Admissions at McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University, Personality at Faithelement, Minister, Mom, Pursuer of Hobbies

Nikki wants to live in a world where people wait their turn, vulnerability is considered to be brave, people cheer more than they criticize, and time is limitless.

Because Nikki has a wide degree of interests she has had the privilege to serve in many capacities. She has served as minister to youth, young adults, and homebound seniors, as well as an Associate Coordinator at a state denominational organization. She writes and films small group curriculum for Faithelement, and is now serving in Admissions at the McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University. Nikki also enjoys preaching and leading retreats as another way to fulfill her vocational calling.

When she’s not pursuing her vocational goals through ministry, Nikki can be found chasing after her children, bing watching something on Netflix, or collecting a new hobby. She has enjoyed learning about baking, cooking, sewing, quilting, belly dancing, yoga, meditation, and a myriad of other small projects. Some hobbies last only for a season, while others stick around for a while. However, Nikki likes too many things to stick with any one hobby for very long.

  • Provocative 65%
  • Energetic 75%
  • Insightful 80%

Recent Podcast Episodes

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Episode 32: Finding Glory

Nikki and Erin welcome Native American author Kaitlin Curtice to talk about her upcoming book Glory Happening,  She talks about finding the divine in every day places, discovering her unique voice as a native writer and why she writes letters to the President.  Find...

Episode 31: Get Bored

Summer is here and we have big plans: Get bored. Nikki and Erin talk about how they plan to loosen the schedule and make space for daydreaming. Why would we intentionally let ourselves be bored? What can boredom bring for our children, our creativity, our careers and...

Episode 30: Smash the Name Tags

"I am the girl who loves my island. And the girl who loves the sea. It calls me." Nikki and Erin talk about how showing up to a recent city council meeting had them wrestling with their evangelical roots and cheering on Moana. They talk about going beyond the reef,...

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