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Episode 36: The Big Detour

In this episode, Nikki and Erin talk about the Big D . . . a detour in life. Nikki shares about her experience of navigating life through the process of divorce. Listen as they talk through what that journey has felt like and finding a new normal by learning to let go.

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Episode 35: Tiny Houses and Open Arms

Nikki and Erin welcome Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber to continue the conversation on how we #letgo. Angela shares about her experience on Tiny House Nation, her recent journey through grief, and her work through the Holy Women Icons Project. Her unique art project showcases...

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Glass Half Full, Season 4: Letting Go

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.” ~ Anonymous We are learning to let stuff go. Whether it’s the junk that is cramming up our closets or the silly expectations we place on ourselves, we are learning to Let. It. Go. On this...

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Episode 34: Barbecue Chips and Emotional Labor

In this episode, Nikki and Erin talk about the idea of Emotional Labor. What is it like to carry the load of thought, care and attention, and what can we do about it? This episode is part of a series on "Letting Go." What's filling our cup these days is a little...

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Episode 32: Finding Glory

Nikki and Erin welcome Native American author Kaitlin Curtice to talk about her upcoming book Glory Happening,  She talks about finding the divine in every day places, discovering her unique voice as a native writer and why she writes letters to the President.  Find...

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Episode 31: Get Bored

Summer is here and we have big plans: Get bored. Nikki and Erin talk about how they plan to loosen the schedule and make space for daydreaming. Why would we intentionally let ourselves be bored? What can boredom bring for our children, our creativity, our careers and...

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