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Episode 26: More Grace for the Table

Nikki and Erin talk about what they expect to find around their holiday tables in this year when our communities feel so divided and emotions are high. They talk about things they will avoid and rituals that give them strength. They mention the Holderness family...

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Episode 25: Making the Space

This is the second part of our conversation with writer Danielle Slaughter in which she shares what she told her young son about understanding his racial identity. Nikki, Erin, and Danielle talk about how we make space for tough conversations across racial divides and...

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Episode 24: More Honesty

Special guest Danielle Slaughter of Mamademics shares her story of talking to her son about race in her award winning essay “Mommy, I Black.” In this honest conversation about the ways we understand race, Danielle shares her new course about exposing the three P’s:...

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Episode 23: More Reach

The Holy Women Icons Project lifts up "the stories of revolutionary women who are too often overlooked in society or in religious spheres." Angela Yarber talks with us about how we might "draw inspiration from the lives of these women as I canonize them into the...

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Episode 22: More for What

In this episode, Erin and Nikki are continue to discuss what #muchmore is all about. They tell stories about the amazing women they know and what #muchmore means to them. They wonder what it means to engage the world more fully. Erin and Nikki want you to join them as...

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Episode 21: #MuchMore

Erin and Nikki are so excited to be back for season two when they will talk about all the ways we are #muchmore than we realize. This duo talks about their summers adventures from bike riding to misplacing their mother. They also discuss which one of them has a...

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