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Episode 30: Smash the Name Tags

"I am the girl who loves my island. And the girl who loves the sea. It calls me." Nikki and Erin talk about how showing up to a recent city council meeting had them wrestling with their evangelical roots and cheering on Moana. They talk about going beyond the reef,...

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Episode 29: Smash the Snapshots

Nikki and Erin talk about how one video of a family interrupting an interview has us all talking about work/home balance, parenting, gender roles, and more. Would any of us want one snapshot of our real lives to be broadcast across the world? What does a snapshot of...

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Episode 28: Smash the Warnings

“She was warned.” In this episode, Nikki and Erin talk about the story that had a lot of us saying “nevertheless.” Beyond politics, they talk through the warnings we receive and the long line of women before us who persisted. Martha Stearns Marshall, Joan Godsey,...

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Episode 27: Smash!

Sometimes things need to be smashed. Nikki and Erin talk about things that need to be broken, smashed and swept away, even if the change is messy. In this episode, hear about how they have swept up broken pieces, and found inspiration from writer friends Kaitlin...

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Episode 26: More Grace for the Table

Nikki and Erin talk about what they expect to find around their holiday tables in this year when our communities feel so divided and emotions are high. They talk about things they will avoid and rituals that give them strength. They mention the Holderness family...

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Episode 25: Making the Space

This is the second part of our conversation with writer Danielle Slaughter in which she shares what she told her young son about understanding his racial identity. Nikki, Erin, and Danielle talk about how we make space for tough conversations across racial divides and...

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