“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.” ~ Anonymous

We are learning to let stuff go. Whether it’s the junk that is cramming up our closets or the silly expectations we place on ourselves, we are learning to Let. It. Go.

On this season of Glass Half Full, we are talking about letting go. It’s Fall. The leaves crunching under our feet are little reminders that some things need to fall away so that new growth can happen.

Our series on this podcast is going to explore what it’s like to let things go. Some things are easy – jeans in the back of our closet that don’t fit anymore. Some things take more emotional work, like letting go of what we thought a relationship would be or letting ourselves journey through grief.

First up – Episode 34: Barbecue Chips and Emotional Labor. Oh my, what honest confessions came to light in this episode! Do you feel like you carry the weight of paying attention to little details and doing most of the nurture/caring work? We talked all about what this looks like for us.

We’ll also talk about love/hate feelings toward Marie Kondo and her tidy ways. You’re not the boss of us, MARIE! (But you are probably right, let’s be honest)

We’ll talk about the ways we create this illusion that we have control, when the truth is, so often that’s the first place where we need to loosen our grip and let go. As Nikki said on one episode, “Whenever I have let go of that need to maintain the illusion, I’ve always been glad that I did.” Erin pointed out that learning to let go is something that we work on our whole lives.

We’re talking about some ways we have learned about letting go of the picture perfect image of our lives. In an upcoming episode, Nikki shares about what life has looked like in her experience of separation and divorce.

We invited author/artist/leader and Tiny House Nation TV star Dr. Angela Yarber on for an episode. We are grateful for her words about grief in the months since her brother passed away. We are inspired by her art through the Holy Women Icons Project. You will not want to miss the gems of wisdom she shares.

There’s more to come, but these are just a few of the things we are letting go right now. Glass Half Full is a place for  us to talk about all the rhythms of life that leave us feeling filled up or spilled out. We want this podcast to be conversations between women, for everyone.

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