Nikki and Erin continue their series on #BeingBrave with this episode about what brave feels like. It’s one thing to say we will be brave, it’s another matter to look at what is really present when we face moments of bravery. Sometimes fear and anger are the structures that build bravery. So, what do we do with fear and how do we acknowledge anger in healthy ways? That’s just part of this conversation. Erin and Nikki talk through how we must name our fears and even listen to the fear. They discuss how anger can move us, and that “things change when women show up to be brave.”

What’s filling their cups lately are some great non-fiction books like Anger and fun fiction reads like The Alice Network. Following their own #Eannegram hashtags is always a fun hobby, as Nikki tries to pin down Erin’s number.

Spilled out, filled up. Either way, let’s talk about it on @ghfpodcast .

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