Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 20: Prone to Wander

A few weeks ago, Nikki attended the Wild Good Festival in Hot Springs, NC. It’s a retreat she describes as Woodstock for progressive Christians. The experience has given Nikki and Erin an opportunity to talk about wandering and gathering with those we can learn... read more

Episode 19: Looking for Intersections

Nikki and Erin are delighted to welcome the very special guest Nicki Salcedo. An Atlanta native, Nicki is a novelist, blogger, and a working mom. She writes a regular column called Intersections at and has authored a romance-suspense novel, All... read more

Episode 18: Finding Home

Today we are talking about what it means to find home and how home is what we all really want to find at the end of the day. We were inspired by Hands Free Mama after she was reminded that when students go to middle school, their biggest concern on the first day of... read more

Episode 17: Hope In Community

Like it or not, the Church has made us who we are. In honor of Pentecost Sunday, the “birthday” of the Church, Nikki and Erin talk about their experiences of church from childhood until now.  They sometimes cringe but often celebrate the fact that church is part of... read more

Episode 16: Fierce Love & Mother’s Day

We’re talking about Mother’s Day. The cards we want to send this year acknowledge the fact that Mother’s day brings delight, pain, grief, and frustration for many of our friends. We name the fierce love of mothers that can change the world. We talk about how Mother’s... read more

Episode 15: How Old is Old?

Let’s talk about what it means to grow old well. In this episode, Nikki and Erin are inspired to talk about what it really means to age by this video put out by the AARP. They talk about how people of all ages can learn from one another when we all realize the... read more

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